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What is MunchMaker?

MunchMaker is a system that makes it easy to create shopping lists. When it's time to go grocery shopping, MunchMaker helps you out by displaying the ingredients sorted by category.

MunchMaker is free to use by anyone.

Make it easy to create a shopping list

In MunchMaker you can keep a list of recipe's, which in turn can be added directly to a shopping list. When you get tired of your own recipe's, you can check out recipe's made by other members of MunchMaker.

View on your smartphone

When you get to the grocery store, bring out your smartphone and view the shopping list you created. Ingredients are sorted by food categories, so you never have to wonder back and forth between sections in the grocery store ever again.

Get inspiration from other people

It's easy to get stuck in a cycle of making the same recipe's for dinner over and over again. With the MunchMaker you can view and favorite recipe's made by other people, and use them in your own shopping lists.


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